Q. What is GST?

A. 'GST' stands for Goods & Services Tax- it is a tax collected on the sales of goods and services and paid to the Government. The rate of GST is set at either 0% or 6% depending on the type of product.

Q. When does GST start?

A. 1st April 2015.

Q. What is Sales & Service Tax?

A. Sales & Service Tax is the tax to be replaced by GST on 1st April 2015.

Q. Will every item at Mercato include GST?

A. No, some items are zero-rated (0% GST). Most fresh meat, fish, fruit & veg and commodities like rice are zero rated and will have no GST while most other articles will have GST.

Q. How can I tell which items have 0% GST and which items have 6% GST?

A. Mercato customers will be able to distinguish those zero-rated items as they will be indicated with '0% GST' on all shelf labels and sign boards. Mercato receipts will also clearly indicate 'Z' and 'S' for those zero-rated (0% GST) and standard-rated (6%) items.

For a breakdown of items that fall into these categories you may refer to the GST Handbook for Trader's published by Customs

Q. Is the price shown on shelf labels with or without GST?

A. The price on Mercato shelf labels is the final price after GST- at Mercato, what you see is what you pay!

Q. How has Mercato set prices for GST?

A. When it comes to pricing, Mercato is committed to providing low prices and great value to customers in order to help them reduce the cost of living- this will not change as a result of GST.

Q. Is Mercato making more profit due to GST?

A. No, Mercato will comply with the Anti-Profiteering Act.

Q. If I am a business how do I claim input tax?

A. Till receipts from Mercato stores can be used to claim GST up to RM30. For GST claims above RM30, customers will need to visit our Customer Service Counters and obtain a Full Tax Invoice.

Q. How can I get further information on GST?

You may contact our GST Care Line at 012-6482757/012-2448395 or submit an email enquiry to .

The Government has also uploaded information on GST which can be accessed via the Royal Malaysian Customs website